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More than 30% of Marquette students study abroad during their Marquette career. Our variety of programs offers the flexibility to go when it best fits into your time at Marquette. We offer full-year programs, programs in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, and programs in J Session (a four-week period during the break between Fall and Spring semesters).

Can I study abroad as an online bachelor's in business administration student?

Yes! Marquette University’s study abroad options are open to all majors including the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). Students can learn abroad during their sophomore, junior or senior year of study. Depending on whether you are able to transfer credits when you enroll, you may qualify sooner than you think.

Study business administration across the globe

Aerial view of Seoul, South Korea

South Korea

Enroll at Sogang University, one of the leading research and liberal arts universities in the major financial and cultural city center of Seoul. Experience life and study business in a global metropolis.
Row of houses on quiet city street in Berlin, Germany

France and Germany

Delve into the business and economic, social, cultural and political ramifications of the European Economic and Monetary Union and learn about the impact of the market on corporate strategy.
Aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa

See firsthand how the country is rebuilding itself after decades of government-enforced-apartheid. Put your education to work as you serve with a community-based organization to complement your academic studies.

These are just a few of the destinations available to online BSBA students. You can explore other study abroad programs and talk to an Admissions Advisor about incorporating study abroad into your plans to earn your bachelor’s.

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Why should you study abroad? To increase your employability

Of course, one of the most common reasons to study abroad is for the opportunity to travel to another country and see the world. But did you know that studies have shown that learning abroad can improve your career skills and boost your marketability?1 Marquette University study abroad programming provides an invaluable opportunity for students to study in a different educational environment and gain firsthand exposure to other countries, cultures and societies and their business practices.

Enhance your business soft skills

Interacting with people different from you can boost your ability to empathize with others. Collaboration with people with different cultural expectations and backgrounds will give you an idea of how to be a more well-rounded leader. It might also help you to prepare to advocate for and create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Travel is a great way to move outside of your comfort zone and see what you can accomplish that you never thought would be possible. Plus, it’s a rare student that doesn’t end up with a story of travel plans gone awry and quick-thinking to find a solution — bring that story to your next interview for an example of your adaptability!

Build your own global network

Virtual collaboration with peers is easier than ever in Marquette’s online degree programs, but it still might be disappointing to not be able to meet your classmates in person. Study abroad programs give you the chance to meet other Marquette students (and some faculty!) face-to-face. Even better: you’ll meet business students from the country you visit, as well as other international students. Many people forge quick and deep friendships on international learning trips. These individuals could become your closest friends, coworkers, or mentors and connect you to dozens of new academic, travel and business opportunities.

Prepare for work with a global corporation

When you study abroad you have the opportunity to strengthen foreign language skills which could come in handy if you work for a company that works internationally. Even if you’re already proficient in a language, getting around a new city and engaging with native speakers will improve your understanding and demonstrate your confidence and willingness to be vulnerable. Further, understanding the customs and traditions of other countries can be key to earning the trust of your bosses when you have the opportunity to represent your organization internationally.

Study abroad without breaking the bank

The anticipated cost of study abroad programs is often one of the biggest concerns of students looking into international courses. But it’s not as expensive as you might think. Many of Marquette’s education abroad programs are exchange programs. That means that you pay Marquette’s tuition to study abroad. In some cases, the cost of attendance is actually lower. Plus, many countries have a lower cost of living than the United States and most international students stay in on-campus dormitories with food plans and other resources to keep expenses down. Additionally, if you are studying abroad on a Marquette approved program, both federal aid and institutional aid are highly likely to apply and scholarships are available specifically for learning abroad programs.

Students working together in library

Travel safely with Marquette

The Office of International Education at Marquette recognizes safety of students abroad as its primary focus. The Office provides the tools for prevention and resources to use in the case of an incident abroad to all students. Pre-departure students will attend orientation on international and travel safety information including what to do in emergency situations and how to contact the U.S. Embassy in their destination country. Marquette students are also enrolled in the U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program and must be enrolled in Marquette’s international health and security insurance plan.

Check out FAQs, view requirements and learn more about available programs by visiting the Marquette University Study Abroad homepage.

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The effect of COVID-19 on study abroad opportunities

Like universities across the country, Marquette’s Office of International Education is continually monitoring resources related to the spread of coronavirus worldwide and is in close communication with university partners abroad to understand the situation on the ground in each affected location. As the situation at each university in each location is different, programs are assessed separately.


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