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You know you want a career helping people with life’s challenges but which path is right for you? Learn more about the necessary education, roles and responsibilities of two popular choices in this blog investigating the professions of social worker vs counselor.
Choosing the right online counseling degree program starts with knowing your options—the types of degrees and specializations—and knowing yourself.
Asking references for a graduate school letter of recommendation doesn't need to be tricky. Check out Marquette University's guide.
A formal interview is a common part of applying to a graduate degree program. This is an opportunity for the admissions committee to learn more about you and your career goals, and it is your chance to ask a few questions of your own to get a feel for the program and its expectations.
Counseling professionals have ethical guidelines they must follow. While this is true of many fields, ethics in counseling is essential to understand, whether you are already a practitioner or you are on the path to becoming one.