Online MBA and Master in Management frequently asked questions

General admissions questions

How do I start my online application?

To start your application for MBA or MiM program, visit our graduate application portal.

What if I forget my password?

Use the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page. You will be prompted to enter your email address and date of birth in order to reset your password.

What if I have problems while completing the application?

If you need assistance with the application, please contact your admissions outreach advisor at 844-640-0408, or email us at or

What if I cannot find my undergraduate school listed on the application?

Occasionally, institutions do not appear on the list of schools from which you can select in the online application. If this happens to you, please proceed with submitting your transcript; we will update the list and your application once we receive your transcript.

Can I save my application and work on it later?

Yes, the application will save automatically when you leave the page.

What is the minimum GMAT or GRE score I need to earn?

To give yourself the best chance at admission to the online MBA or MiM program, we recommend a GMAT or GRE score with an even distribution in the quantitative and verbal sections, with your score for each section at or above the 30th percentile.

You may also request a GMAT/GRE waiver if you meet guidelines based on your academic and professional achievement.

Will my application still be considered if my test scores do not arrive by the specified deadline?

All application materials must be received by the document deadline to have your file considered for your chosen term.

Does your office need to receive all application materials by the application deadline?

All application materials must be received by the document deadline to have your file considered for your chosen term.

We will consider incomplete applications on a case-by-case basis for reasons that may include delay in test score reporting or letters of recommendation that were mailed rather than emailed. If this occurs, we will evaluate internally whether to move forward with the application for the upcoming term.

Do you accept e-transcripts sent directly from the issuing institution?

Please send electronic transcripts to

Where can I mail my transcript?

MBA/Master in Management:

USPS address
Marquette University Graduate School
Holthusen Hall, Third Floor
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881

Courier/street address
Marquette University Graduate School
1324 W. Wisconsin Ave., Room 305
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Can I scan and submit a physical document? If so, what email address should I use?

Scanned copies of application documents may be sent to

Do I need to obtain copies of all my transcripts, even if I only took one course at an institution?

Yes, please submit copies of transcripts from all current and previous colleges you attended.

How long does my personal statement need to be?

For the MBA and MiM programs, while we do not prescribe a length for your personal statement, please ensure it answers each of the following questions:

  1. Describe your career goals and the role you see for this degree in reaching those goals.
  2. List and describe any professional and/or community activities in which you are currently or have previously been involved.
  3. List and describe any distinctions, honors or awards that you have received for your academic, professional or civic duties.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid, which is typically not merit-based, is available to those who apply and qualify. Contact an admissions outreach advisor for more information about your financial aid options.

Does Marquette University accept tuition reimbursement?

Yes. We’ve even created a guide to help students explore their tuition reimbursement options and request financial assistance from their employer to make the process easier.

Take the Money and Learn: How to Request Tuition Reimbursement from Your Employer

Included in this guide:

  • A templated email to help you start the conversation with your manager
  • Explanation of common terms of reimbursement
  • Guidance for researching your firm’s reimbursement practices
  • Tips on shaping a reimbursement program
  • Key questions to answer before you make the ask
  • Stats to help support the argument for tuition reimbursement

Download the Guide

Marquette University does not offer tuition remission or reimbursement for university employees or their dependents for the online MBA or MiM programs.

When will I be notified of an admission decision?

Once all your application materials are received, it can take up to 3-4 weeks for an admissions decision to be made.

Who should I request as references?

Your optional letters of recommendation should come from close professional or academic contacts. Please see our guide to requesting recommendation letters for more tips.

Is the application deadline flexible?

For domestic students, the application deadline can be flexible up to a point depending on your specific circumstances, but we want to ensure you have enough time to complete the online orientation and become acclimated with MU before classes begin. International students should submit by the published deadline under all circumstances.

International student questions

Do you accept the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for International Students?

Yes. The minimum IELTS score for admission to Marquette University is 6.5 with at least a 6.5 in each of the four categories . Visit for more information.

Do I have to submit IELTS/TOEFL scores if I have earned a degree from a U.S. institution?

IELTS/TOFEL scores are not required if you have earned a degree from a U.S. institution. We waive the IELTS/TOEFL checklist item when we see that an international student earned a degree at an institution where the language of instruction was English.

If I earned my bachelor’s degree outside of the U.S., what official documents does Marquette require?

First, you must complete the online application. International students must also have 2 years of work experience with documentation to substantiate this. Foreign transcripts that are issued in a language other than English must be submitted as an official transcript and accompanied by a certified English translation. Please note that evaluations such as those from WES and ECE are not official transcripts.

Does Marquette accept TOEFL scores issued more than two years prior to applying?

MU may consider TOEFL scores earned just beyond two years prior to your application date on a case-by-case basis, but we do not guarantee that they will be accepted.

Is F-1 visa sponsorship available to online students?

No. Marquette cannot issue Form I-20 for online degree programs.

Online experience questions

What is the difference between the MiM and MBA programs?

The key difference lies within the content of the courses you will take. The online MBA features a core curriculum designed to ground you in foundational business skills which we call the “Business Essentials” core. These courses cover quantitative skills, including accounting, economics, finance, supply chain, and others. While quantitative skills are also included in the online Master in Management curriculum, MiM courses focus more heavily on the human element of business, such as leadership skills and people management strategies.

How will I interact with my cohort peers?

You will interact with your classmates in our intuitive online learning system, D2L, in which you can engage in discussions relevant to course materials. Students also typically communicate with one another through other messaging or voice/video chat apps, or via email, while completing group assignments.

Will I be expected to log on to my computer at the same time as the other students and instructor?

The online MBA program is completely asynchronous, meaning students are not required to be online at the same time. There are some synchronous elements to the online MiM program. Both programs feature specific deadlines for assignments and discussions, but as long as you meet the deadlines, you can complete your work when it is convenient for you.

Is this a self-paced program?

Courses are not self-paced, but instead require all students enrolled in the course to move through it together, meeting required deadlines and participating in required discussions.

What are the technical requirements?

The minimum computer requirements for our online programs can be found here.

How much time each week should I be spending on my coursework?

The weekly time commitment will vary based on course assignments and readings. In general, you can expect to spend about 3-4 hours per week for each credit for which you are enrolled.

For example, for a typical 3 credit course you can expect to spend approximately 9-12 hours per week on coursework. You can also expect that some of that time will be spread out throughout the week as you will spend time on discussions, projects and other activities with your classmates.

Approximately how many courses should I expect to complete each year?

Students wishing to graduate in two years will typically take 6-7 credits of coursework each semester.

Why should I choose an online program?

An online program is built specifically to provide flexibility for working professionals. It is designed to be completed on a part-time schedule.

Is it possible to complete this program while also working a full-time job?

Yes. To help make this possible, we connect you with a dedicated Student Success Coordinator to offer support as you plan your schedule and navigate the program in a way that meets your specific needs.

Will I be able to access my courses on my mobile device?

Yes. Many online courses are friendly to mobile devices.

Will the degree I earn be considered an online degree?

Marquette online courses have the same standing as Marquette face-to-face courses. Your diploma will read either “Master of Business Administration” or “Master in Management,” without the word “online.”

Is this program AACSB-accredited?

Yes, this program is AACSB-accredited. AACSB accreditation is awarded based on several criteria and granted only to those who meet elite standards for curricula, faculty qualifications, mission and more. Learn more about AACSB accreditation.
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