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Getting a degree is no small undertaking. It’s understandable that many people end up putting college on hold to take care of family, job, or health issues. However, a bachelor’s degree still provides certain advantages as you progress in your career and look for new opportunities. Read on for things to keep in mind when considering going back to school to finish your degree.
MBA graduates equipped with leading-edge skillsets are ready to face complex business challenges while working tirelessly for the greater good. Finding an opportunity to make a difference in the world requires innovative thinking about the future of business management in an increasingly challenging era.
Women in business may face many challenges on their way to the top, but that doesn’t mean they’re not making a major impact. Below, check out our list of the 11 most powerful women in business today.
The professional world and the world of business school have many things in common, and one fact that is truly important in both of these spaces is that relationships matter. When you’re applying to business school, strong recommendation letters can go a long way toward making your admissions committee confident that you’ll be an asset to the program, and weak or impersonal ones can create some major red flags.