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The professional world and the world of business school have many things in common, and one fact that is truly important in both of these spaces is that relationships matter. When you’re applying to business school, strong recommendation letters can go a long way toward making your admissions committee confident that you’ll be an asset to the program, and weak or impersonal ones can create some major red flags.
Good news for potential business school applicants: the personal statement doesn’t need to be the most daunting part of your application package.
It’s a general truth about resumes that they should always strive to speak to a specific opportunity. While the resume you use for professional opportunities may be fairly consistent if you are applying to multiple jobs in the same industry, your resume for business school poses a bit of a different challenge.
Between a dog-eat-dog culture and a constant stream of social media, people can feel a need to “keep up” at work and online. While some competition is good, unhealthy competitive environm...
A set of universal standards or a personal ethic code can serve as the guide for judging between right and wrong in your daily life. Business ethics are similar in principle to standard ethics, but have much broader conseque...
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