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January 19, 2022
Making the decision to pursue a business degree opens up the door to choosing a major. Check out this breakdown of BSBA course majors with course topics, skills required, potential careers and salaries can help you narrow down the best BSBA major for you.
January 07, 2022
What is a BSBA degree? Explore the curriculum and career outlook for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree to determine if it is the right fit for you.
Many professionals arrive at a point in their careers where they feel they’ve plateaued. Whether you feel you’re lacking knowledge to be able to responsibly advise on organizational changes or need new skills to take on a leadership role, an online Master in Management (MiM) degree could be a great opportunity to grow your professional potential. Learn more about the degree and its curriculum, how the MiM compares to the MBA, skills gained with an MiM and what types of careers and roles you can pursue with the degree.
As a leading researcher in the field of industrial and organizational psychology — and specifically in the subtopic of diversity and inclusion— Jennica Webster, Ph.D., and her work in and outside of the classroom are a prime example of how Marquette blends its holistic, ethics-based mission into its management curriculum.
It’s a big business world out there. The possibilities and opportunities can be thrilling—and overwhelming. As you bring your educational and career goals into focus, start by looking at some of the available degree options and seeing how each one aligns with your professional goals.