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Explore 10 of the Best Jobs for MBA Graduates

November 08, 2022
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MBA graduates equipped with leading-edge skillsets are ready to face complex business challenges while working tirelessly for the greater good. Finding an opportunity to make a difference in the world requires innovative thinking about the future of business management in an increasingly challenging era.

Perhaps you've been thinking about furthering your career and have wondered, "What job can you get with an MBA degree?" To help you get an idea of the types of jobs you could pursue as a strategic and ethical business leader, we've pulled together a comprehensive list. Read on to explore career opportunities for MBA students and the advantages offered by an online MBA program from a top-tier business school with a world-class faculty.

10 of the Best Jobs for MBA Graduates

Although the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked massive economic damage across the globe, MBA students are gaining valuable experience from the real-time study of the complex challenges that businesses are experiencing. Current MBA job prospects are looking good. MBA grads are typically receiving awesome job offers with 6-figure salaries, likely because of this highly relevant expertise. According to the U.S. News & World Report, the offers degree-holders are getting for MBA jobs have a median base salary of $115,000.8

Great MBA jobs are not necessarily defined by income, title or associated privileges, however. A better definition for great might be 'personally satisfying.' Recent studies indicate the top characteristics of satisfying jobs include flexibility, engagement, helping others, being skilled at your job and being valued for your skills, opportunities for meaningful collaboration and social support from coworkers.3

What jobs can you get with an MBA degree?

Listed in no particular order, here are a variety of exciting MBA jobs. Each of these roles offers excellent opportunities for personal satisfaction and it doesn't hurt that they also come with great salaries, prestigious titles and generous perks and benefits.

Management Consultants

Average annual salary $122,3007
As a management consultant, you'll assist businesses with strategies for dealing with adversity in downturns and developing growth in good times.2 Typically working independently or as a member of a consulting firm, a management consultant, or, management analyst, receives top pay to offer specialized advice for improving profitability and efficiency to CEOs, CFOs and other C-suite executives.2,4 Management consultants can also be useful to human resources departments by providing advice for improved people management.

Leadership Roles in Entertainment, Sports and Fashion Companies

Average annual salary $98,4158
A variety of neat jobs for MBA graduates are available in the exciting industries of sports, fashion and entertainment. An MBA student will typically find a role in these industries using their valuable analysis skills as marketing manager. Additionally MBA expertise is needed to determine profitable services and products preferred by such consumers as movie-goers, sports fans and fashionistas.5

Management Positions in Food and Beverage Businesses

Average annual salary $130,0009
MBA graduates seeking management positions in the food and beverage industry are sought after and highly paid. Executives with MBA degrees are rare in this industry, so the specialized MBA skill set and business expertise are excellent competitive advantages for C-suite career seekers.5

Health and Medical Services Management Careers

Average annual salary $120,05710
Organizations offering health care and medical services have recognized the need for skilled business leaders in light of the huge logistical challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.2 Overseeing daily operations, managing finances and minimizing costs while maximizing quality in such organizations require the complex analysis and data-driven decision-making skills of a health services manager with an MBA with a Health Systems Leadership specialization.2, 4

Higher Education Leadership

Average Annual $166,079 11
Universities and colleges are offering a wide new array of awesome jobs for MBA graduates as these institutions face steep competition to attract students. Especially with the rising popularity of online instruction during the pandemic, MBA grads are in high demand by institutions wanting to gauge the effectiveness of online academic programs.5

Director of Business Operations

Average annual salary $182,14812
Analyzing and coordinating an organization's supply chain, refining processes for transforming inputs into outputs and improving the cost-efficiency of bringing products to consumers are only a few of the roles filled by business operations managers with MBA degrees.5 MBA grads are also in high demand as management analysts to manage the transformation of operating procedures as businesses transition to working remotely or selling products and services online.2

Financial Manager and Other Finance Leadership Roles

Average annual salary $125,28213
An MBA graduate who specialized in finance is trained to solve cash flow challenges, review financial reports, monitor organizational budgets and forecast the future performance of strategic financial investments. This type of professional could make great chief financial officer or financial manager. With specialized skills as keen investors, financial analysts and managers are typically top-tier business executives earning top-tier salaries.2, 4

Marketing Management Careers

Average annual salary $113,58214
Marketing managers are astute business leaders responsible for analyzing market demands, creating marketing strategies, coordinating marketing teams and developing successful methods for increasing sales and attracting new customers. Because nearly every company in nearly every industry has a service or product to sell, making the role of marketing manager a fast-growing role. As a marketing manager, you should find yourself highly paid and in high demand.2

Purchasing Management Positions

Average annual salary $122,55715
Purchasing managers typically have an MBA degree that has prepared them to plan and coordinate the purchase of supplies, materials and products used to support the business needs of an organization. Purchasing management positions require savvy business leaders who can negotiate the best prices for services and products from wholesalers and contractors and oversee regional or local purchasing agents and buyers.4

Business Intelligence Roles

Average annual salary $84,00016
MBA graduates are in strong demand across a growing spectrum of industries for well-paying jobs analyzing the market, business and industry trends to help identify profitable new business opportunities. With powerful data-driven decision-making skills, business intelligence leaders collect and manipulate computer data with high-tech software. Transforming business data into business intelligence helps determine impacts such as current business performance and future business forecasts that ultimately impact the organization's bottom line.4, 5

Benefits and Advantages of an Online MBA Program

Online business programs offer a rich educational experience while preparing you for business administration and leadership positions. They provide the same excellent opportunities for collaboration, connections and interactions with peers as on-campus programs, but offer greater convenience, accessibility and flexibility to match your busy schedule.

Marquette University's Online MBA is purposely designed to meet working professional's needs and help you to land exciting MBA jobs. With the intuitive D2L learning management system, Marquette's 100% Online MBA program offers ample time and opportunities to focus on your studies, view lectures, engage in discussions and complete assignments whenever your personal schedule permits.

As a U.S. News & World Report top-ranking school, Marquette University backs up its world-class programs with a full suite of career advancement resources and support services.6 All online and on-campus alumni and students in the Graduate School of Management have full access to the resources provided by its Business Career Center.7 Virtual appointments with Marquette's Business Career Center counselors offer opportunities to identify your career goals explore the career path that appeals to you.

Ready to Reach Your Full Potential?

If you're ready to reach your full potential as a bold, strategic and ethical business leader, consider how an Online MBA from Marquette University's Graduate School of Management will give you the leading-edge skill set to achieve your highest aspirations.

Our affordable and 100% Online MBA offers you the freedom and flexibility to arrange study times around your personal schedule, 24/7, all from the comfort of your favorite location.

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