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How to Ask for Tuition Reimbursement Guide From Marquette

May 31, 2022

Workers across industries have made it clear: opportunities for continued education and professional development are a top priority. There are many reasons why workers are looking to advance their education, such as: increasing their chances to earn a pay raise, securing a promotion, opening up new job opportunities, and improving their job security. From the perspective of an employer, there’s also a number of benefits to aiding employees with the funds to upskill and develop their talents.

With nearly half of employers offering tuition assistance, there’s a chance your organization already has a system in place to help pay for your academic endeavors. However, you could find yourself in the position of enlightening your employer to the advantages of offering tuition assistance. Whether the practice already exists at your place or work or not, this guide will help you make a case to your employer that you’re worth the investment.

Included in this guide:

  • A templated email to help you start the conversation with your manager
  • Explanation of common terms of reimbursement
  • Guidance for researching your firm’s reimbursement practices
  • Tips on shaping a reimbursement program
  • Key questions to answer before you make the ask
  • Stats to help support the argument for tuition reimbursement

Set yourself up for success with Marquette’s guide “Take the money and learn: How to request tuition reimbursement”

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