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Dr. Kristie Rogers: Poets&Quants Top Undergrad Professors

February 09, 2023
Poet&Quants recognizes Kristie Rogers as one of the best undergrad professors.

Kristie Rogers, MBA, Ph.D., associate professor of management, Marquette University, was named to Poets&Quants 2022 list of Best Undergraduate Professors. Marquette is proud to see Dr. Rogers on the list, which received more than 500 nominations for top-notch undergraduate professors.1 Dr. Rogers has been teaching courses and facilitating workshops for more than a decade. She is the 2022 winner of the College of Business’ Brennan Master Teacher Award and was also named a Marquette University Faculty All Star in 2021.

Dr. Rogers’ research focuses on identity processes that help us define “who we are” through our work, and the role of respect in facilitating those processes. She is especially interested in how workers thrive in the face of challenges around stigma, disrespect and tensions that are difficult to resolve, and specializes in exploring these challenges through qualitative research in unconventional work settings. She has partnered with local businesses and Fortune 100 companies for workshop offerings and consulting projects. Dr. Rogers has been featured as a source on contemporary business issues in top publications like the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review.

In addition to undergraduate negotiation courses, Dr. Rogers instructs negotiation and organizational behavior as a part of the on-campus and online Master of Business Administration and online Master in Management programs at Marquette. “I enjoy how eager [students] are to build and practice skills that will make them into the professionals they aim to be,” she said. “I love the excitement and pride they feel when they apply class content in a work setting.”2

To help students make the classroom-office connection, Dr. Rogers uses an applicable learning approach to her instruction. “In addition to the negotiating they do through the active learning environment in the classroom, [students] engage in projects that require them to negotiate on their own behalf and on behalf of those who may not readily have a voice or skillset to do so,” she explained. “Closing this gap helps them see their growth and energizes them to show up for class as the best versions of themselves.”2

One of Dr. Rogers’ former students validated her ability to merge classroom learning with real-world applications in his nomination: “Specifically as a student going into the sales field, I learned many different ways to interact with others because of her courses. Not only was the content excellent, but Professor Rogers’ teaching style gave students newfound confidence inside and outside the classroom. Going into job interviews, I was much more confident than ever before—and that is what I think is most important about college courses.”1

Dr. Rogers was one of 30 women named to the Best Undergraduate Professors list, the most in Poets&Quants five-year history.1 To create the list, Poets&Quants editors individually evaluate every nomination and assign a 1-to-10 score based on nominees’ research and teaching accolades. Research, including the volume of a professor’s Google Scholar citations, how much major media attention they received along with research and writing awards, was given a 30% weight. Teaching, which included all nominations, teaching awards, and impacts on their schools and departments, was given a 70% weight. The average of these two scores made up the final point total for each nominee.1

Marquette takes pride in the achievements of our excellent faculty that help put us in the top 5% of the Best Schools for Business, Management and Marketing majors in the U.S.3 Like Dr. Rogers, many of our professors use highly applied learning strategies to help students take lessons from the classroom and apply them to their own careers. Choose Marquette to learn from industry experts like Rogers who have an in-depth understanding of how the intricacies of person-to-person interactions have an impact on a business’s success. Schedule a call with an Admissions Advisor to learn more or start your application today.