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It pays to learn

Take the money and learn: How to request tuition reimbursement from your employer will help you navigate the sensitive process of requesting tuition assistance from the organization for which you work. Gain a firm understanding of common tuition reimbursement plans, advice and key statistics to make your argument and a templated email to help you start the conversation with your manager.

Seek dynamic growth

Fueling growth, fostering success: How to create a winning employee development plan can help you create and manage professional growth opportunities for your team of workers. In this e-book, you’ll get access to an employee self-assessment outline, ideas for development plan activities and suggested metrics to track employee engagement.


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Managing remote teams effectively

As remote teams and hybrid working arrangements become increasingly common, some managers are finding that their previous leadership techniques are no longer serving them when handling their distant teams.

Master Management Skills

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Artificial intelligence and ethics

As the world of artificial intelligence (AI) expands, so do the ethical questions surrounding its use. In 2023, AI has the potential to transform businesses; however, with such expansive technological capabilities comes an increased responsibility to uphold ethical standards.

Explore AI Ethics

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Diversity management in the workplace

Whether an organization has a goal of increasing workforce diversity through different hiring practices, or individual employees are pushing for greater inclusion of different identities in day-to-day practices, the best managers of today's workplaces will be familiar with all aspects of creating and managing a diverse workplace.

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