A how-to guide for effective employee development planning

When leaders put in time to work with employees to strengthen their future, both the business and the employee can thrive. An employee development plan is a detailed, action-oriented, collaboratively made list of activities or skills that an employee can pursue to get closer to their desired career goals. Creating a development plan is a great way to show employees that the organization is invested in their growth. Marquette University’s e-book, “Fueling growth, fostering success: How to create a winning employee development plan,” will take you through the employee development process step-by-step.

of employees want to develop their skills but don't know where to begin1
of workers say they would stay with their employer throughout their career if the employer made an effort to upskill1
Cover of How to create a winning employer development plan eBook

Included in this guide:

  • Advice for preparing employee development plans
  • Employee self-assessment outline
  • Ideas for development plan activities
  • Suggested metrics to track employee engagement

Earning your master’s degree: the ultimate employment development activity

Whether you’re eager to upskill and take on more responsibility, or a manager interested in becoming a stronger leader for your team, earning a business management degree from Marquette can help you reach your career goals.

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