Online MBA: Health Systems Leadership specialization

Want to transform health care? Start at the top. There's a huge demand for effective administrators and managers who understand the complex patchwork of the U.S. health care system.1 The Health Systems Leadership specialization prepares students for these roles overseeing the strategic direction, operations and performance of health care institutions to ensure high-quality and efficient delivery of health care services.

At Marquette University, students will find a health care systems curriculum that approaches the field through a lens of ethics and social issues, providing a critical perspective for modern health care. Earn a degree completely online that delivers a strong foundation in business with the understanding of health care systems needed to excel in the field.

Specialization Requirements

  • Core MBA courses (16.5-27.5 credit hours depending on academic background)
  • Specialization courses (12 credit hours)
  • Electives (3 credit hours)

Prepare for a Health Systems Leadership career

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Lead in Health Care with Confidence

Marquette's respected online MBA program, combined with the focused curriculum of the Health Systems Leadership electives, presents a unique academic program that prepares students for in-demand roles in leadership, administrative and executive roles in complex health systems.

In their core online MBA courses, students will gain essential business skills in analytics, organizational management and human capital strategy. Additionally, they'll develop key leadership skills centered around coaching and development and ethical business practices. The addition of the Health Systems Leadership electives will provide critical insight into the intricacies of leadership within the politics and organization of health care systems. They'll also develop a contextual understanding of health care management from people to operations to informatics.

All together, the online MBA with a Health Systems Leadership specialization will provide a well-rounded curriculum for students who already have a passion for working within health care and are looking to elevate their career.

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Build the skills for a career in health care

The online MBA program with a specialization in Health Systems Leadership, delivers a comprehensive curriculum to individuals entering the healthcare sector. Students could work all across the health care landscape whether within hospital or health system administration, within the pharmaceutical or health tech industries, politics and advocacy or leading health-focused not-for-profit organizations. As for professional titles, students could pursue management positions such as:

  • Health care administrator
  • Sales manager in pharmaceuticals or health care technology
  • Pharmaceutical project manager
  • Policy analyst or researcher
  • Business operations in a health care business
  • Medical entrepreneurship

Online MBA Health Systems Leadership specialization curriculum

Students intending to complete the Health Systems Leadership specialization should choose 12 credit hours of courses listed on this page in order to meet specialization requirements.

HEAL 6007 Ethics, Policy, and Health Care Advocacy (3 credit hours)

Forum for the interprofessional exploration of ethical issues in healthcare organizations. Introduces ethical theories and principles and applies ethical decision-making processes to clinical and organizational issues. Examines personal values and professional codes and their impact on ethical issues at the individual, institutional and societal levels.

HEAL 6009 Health Care Systems: Managing Populations and Access (3 credit hours)

Exploration of health care systems, models and implications for leadership. Examines concepts of systems, complexity, change, access, continuum of care, population health and health inequities.

HEAL 6830 Quality Improvement Science in Health Care (3 credit hours)

Explores improvement science including quality and patient safety theories, models, methods and tools. Application of measurement, data management and analysis to quality improvement and patient safety challenges.

HEAL 6835 Healthcare Informatics, Technology and Professional Issues (3 credit hours)

Examines current health care realities, with an emphasis on the use of technology for policy, regulation, collaboration and interdisciplinary practice issues. Includes information technology applications in healthcare administration, clinical practice and education.

HEAL 6837 Workforce Solutions: Culture, People and Processes (3 credit hours)

Principles and practices for creating and managing the evolving, engaged workforce. Knowledge and skills needed to create a thriving, responsive health care workplace.

Health systems leadership career outlook

Projected percentage growth in employment from 2022 to 2032 for medical and health services management positions1
Median salary for medical and health services management professionals1

MBA in Health Systems Leadership FAQs

Can all Health Systems Leadership courses be taken online?

Yes. Online MBA students in the Health Systems Leadership specialization will participate in both MBA and health care curricula entirely online, which do not include in-person immersions available in other modalities.

If I choose the Health Systems Leadership specialization, will I still graduate with an MBA?

Yes. The students who complete the Health Systems Leadership specialization will get a specific specialization notation on their transcript. Their degree will still be an MBA degree (not a health systems or nursing degree).

Does choosing a specialized MBA mean it will take longer to earn my degree?

No. Choosing the Health Systems Leadership concentration should not add time to your degree. Completion of the online MBA, with or without a specialization, requires 15 credits of electives. Students pursuing the Health Systems Leadership specialization should complete at least 12 of those 15 elective credits within the Health Systems Leadership discipline. Applicable courses are listed in the curriculum section of this page.
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