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Decide your next step with our customizable, online M.S. in Computer and Information Science.

Stay ahead of evolving technology with the foundational knowledge and skill sets needed to succeed as a leader in computing and information technology. Whether you’re looking to equip yourself with the expertise to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape, update your skills, stay ahead of the next big cyber threat or you want to join a high-demand field, earning an M.S. in Computer and Information Science can give you the experience and knowledge to determine your own career path.

At Marquette University, you’ll find an information technology master’s degree program available online, recognized for its small class sizes, accessible instructors and academic support. Bringing that face-to-face experience to the virtual classrooms has ranked us the No. 3 online IT degree for student engagement.1 Our committed faculty includes top scholars in cybersecurity, data ethics, data analysis, blockchain and more. You’ll be able to find new opportunities through our faculty’s vast networks, by connecting with your peers and engaging with the resources provided by Marquette’s Career Services Center including resume review, interview practice and job search assistance. Our online M.S. in Computer and Information Science program is not just about earning your degree, it’s about your long-term success.

Marquette graduates are both problem solvers and agents for change. As a Jesuit university, Marquette encourages students to always pursue excellence with a principled mindset, seek out opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary innovation, embrace diversity and foster inclusive communities wherever they go. As future leaders in information technology, computing graduates will navigate moral and safety challenges within software systems that will have an enormous impact on the world. With Marquette’s ethics-minded curriculum, you’ll be ready to take on that responsibility.

Master a skills-driven field.

Technology is built to evolve and advance, and IT professionals need to keep up. With a graduate degree in computer and information science, you build theory-informed real-world skills.

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Specialize in cybersecurity.

The need for cybersecurity experts has grown by 1 million positions since 2014, and still millions of jobs will go unfilled this year.2 Our Information Assurance and Cyber Defense specialization can prepare you to meet that need.

Choose your path.

Our information technology master’s degree is designed to meet your career goals in the world of computing. Select the coursework that’s relevant to you, whether you want to sharpen your skill sets for career growth or develop the knowledge and skills to change your career path.

We stand out in online education.


Best online master’s in information technology1


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National Security Agency United States of America; U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Cyber Defense Education Designation awarded from the DHS and NSA


Student to Faculty Ratio3

Claim more than $30,000 in scholarship funding

Marquette University has been named one of the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity. As a result, students in our online M.S. in Computer and Information Science program are eligible to apply for the Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program (DoD CySP).

DoD CySP Scholars will receive the full cost of tuition, books (from the institution- or degree-specific required book list, not books which are optional for classes), required fees (including institutionally provided health care), a one-time laptop/computer purchase, travel support to attend a cyber-related conference, and a stipend to cover room and board.

During breaks in their academic studies, DoD CySP Scholars will receive progressive, hands-on experience through internships with their selecting DoD Agency. In addition, upon graduation, scholarship recipients will serve one year of service to the DoD for each year or partial year of scholarship received.


The DoD CySP program is a result of a commitment from the Department of Defense and the United States Congress to support higher education as a means to preparing the DoD workforce to deal with threats against the Department’s critical information system and networks. Its objectives are to:

  • Promote higher education in all disciplines of cybersecurity
  • Enhance the Department’s ability to recruit and retain cyber and IT specialists
  • Increase the number of military and civilian personnel in the DoD with this expertise
  • Enhance the nation’s cyber posture

Blaze a trail in your IT career

Develop practical knowledge to solve real technology problems facing organizations across industries. Take on responsibilities such as application development, integration testing, database security and network infrastructure management. With the information technology master’s degree you can hone your skills and further your IT career in a number of positions, such as an information systems manager, solution architect, database administrator, security engineer, enterprise architect, cyber defense analyst, or chief information officer. Newcomers to the field of computing can start their careers as software engineers, computer programmers, service managers or web developers, or combine their new IT skills with industry expertise to carve out a unique and indispensable position for themselves as a tech savvy business analyst or senior project manager.

Choose our Information Assurance and Cyber Defense (IACD) specialization, which has been instrumental to Marquette University being named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to gain traction in a field with tremendous growth potential. Our specialization can lead you to a new career in incident response, or as an information security analyst, cloud security engineer, incident response analyst, or penetration tester.

No matter the role, Marquette’s computer and information science master’s program equips graduates with essential information technology knowledge to take their careers to the next level and beyond. This is not just a boot camp that teaches you the skills for today. Marquette’s program prepares students with computing and information technology knowledge to seek a career path leading to long-term growth and success.

Why choose an information technology master's degree from Marquette University?

Financial aid opportunities

Online students can continue working full-time while taking classes, but financing a graduate degree can still be challenging. Explore how Marquette University can help make the process easier.
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Flexible, online degree

Through our flexible program pathways, our online computer and information science master’s degree is designed for experienced IT professionals and those new to the field. Learn more about our application process and how we support newcomers through our career changer (COSMIC) pathway.
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Our dedicated faculty

Our online instructors have been recognized for their research and backgrounds, and in our M.S. in Computer and Information Science program, they have also earned accolades for creating both an engaging online experience and bringing a diverse range of skill sets to the classroom.
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Gain vital skills for a trillion dollar industry.

Choose your path to a rewarding career with the program ranked no. 14 best online master’s in computing and information technology.1 Reinvigorate your career with courses in artificial intelligence, mobile computing and cybersecurity or unlock new opportunities with our Career Changer pathway and explore the possibilities in information technology and other computing fields. Whichever path you choose, you’ll experience the committed support of a nationally recognized institution, a dynamic Department of Computers Science and engaging faculty committed to your success. Take control of your future and contribute to the world of technology with an eye on ethics. At Marquette you’ll receive a holistic, practical education that can broaden your personal and professional potential and graduate poised to lead a limitless life.

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