No. 6 best online information technology master’s degree1

Accelerate your career with our customizable, online M.S. in Computing.

Stay ahead of an evolving industry with the skill sets needed to succeed as a leader in information technology. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, stay ahead of the next big cyber threat or you want to join a high-demand field, earning an M.S. in Computing will give you the experience and knowledge to decide your own career path.

In Marquette University's online program, you’ll find an information technology master’s degree recognized for its small class sizes, accessible instructors and academic support. Bringing that face-to-face experience to the virtual classrooms has ranked us the No. 2 online IT degree for student engagement.1 Our online M.S. in Computing program is not just about earning your degree, it’s about your long-term success.

Master a skills-driven field.

Technology is built to evolve and become more complex, so IT professionals need to keep up. With a graduate degree in computing, you will find the hands-on learning to build real-world skills that grow with an advancing industry.

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Specialize in cybersecurity.

The need for cybersecurity experts has grown by 1 million since 2014, and still millions of jobs will go unfilled this year.2 Our Information Assurance and Cyber Defense specialization can prepare you to meet that need.

Choose your path.

Our degree program is designed to meet your goals. Pick and choose the coursework that’s relevant to you, whether you want to sharpen your skill sets for career growth or need to start with an in-depth introduction to computing course.

We stand out in online education.


Best online master’s in information technology1


Best online student engagement1


Best services and technologies in an online IT program1
National Security Agency United States of America; U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Cyber Defense Education Designation awarded from the DHS and NSA


Student to Faculty Ratio3

Financial aid opportunities

While online students can continue working full-time while taking classes, financing your graduate degree can still be challenging. Explore how Marquette University can help make the process easier.
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Flexible, online degree

Through four distinct program pathways, our online master’s degree is designed for beginners and experienced professionals. Learn more about our application process and how we support newcomers to the field through our career-changer pathway.
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Our dedicated faculty

Our online instructors have been recognized for their research and backgrounds, and in our M.S. in Computing program, they have also earned accolades for creating both an engaging online experience and bringing a diverse range of skill sets to the classroom.
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November 16
Spring 2022 term
Application deadline
January 4
Spring 2022 term
Next start
January 18
Spring 2022 term

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