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Since early 2020, incidents of cybercrime have begun climbing at an alarming rate, leading many organizations to urgently reassess the strength of their IT security. A Global Data Risk Report from Varonis found that in 2019, only 5% of businesses had properly protected folder structures, highlighting the dire need for more highly trained experts pursuing a cybersecurity career.
In a world that runs on all sorts of technology from mobile computing and smartphones to automation in factories to the cybersecurity behind your favorite online stores, it’s easy to see how developing computing skills could serve you well in advancing your career.
If you’re seeking a way to progress in your career or are considering a new career path overall, getting an information technology (IT) master’s degree can be a rewarding path. Indeed, the worldwide employment website, ranks IT master’s degrees in the top five for highest-paying master’s degrees and in the top ten for best master’s programs for career-changers.
Collecting letters of recommendation for grad school can seem like an intimidating task but the key is to be organized. Not only do you need to figure out who to ask but you also need to make sure that what they write is appropriate for the program you’re applying to and that they submit their letter on time.
Your statement of purpose is the most unique and personal element of your graduate school application. It is your opportunity to showcase your skills, your experience and everything that has made you the person you are today.