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Every month it seems like a new tech phrase pops up all over the place signaling the arrival of a growing trend in computing to be explored by the leaders of startups and mega tech companies alike. You’ve likely heard of software as a service (SaaS), but how about infrastructure as a service?
If you're a tech-savvy person with an interest in solving big-picture business challenges, a role as an IT analyst could deliver a lot of opportunities. Information technology empowers the entire global market, so your range of career paths as an IT analyst is incredibly diverse, covering every sector from private to public and across all industries and fields.
Today, the prevalence of artificial intelligence in IT is practically boundless. From machine learning to natural language processing and deep learning, AI touches all of our lives in obvious and unobvious ways. AI is an exciting field of study to break into and because of its wide application, there are numerous career opportunities to use AI in IT professionally.
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Learn about getting into cybersecurity and why the dire personnel shortage makes it easier than ever to gain world-class qualifications and leading-edge cybersecurity jobs.
Associate professor Michael Zimmer, Ph.D., is an esteemed data ethics and privacy scholar whose interdisciplinary work touches many fields. Learn more about Dr. Zimmer’s work and some of the critical lessons he teaches to his computing students.
The combined popularity of cloud computing and the open source software movement has seen the options for developers to build and run more scalable, resilient, modular and updatable applications rise at an inexorable rate. It has also created a sizable overlap between cloud computing and information technology (IT), especially for data storage, security, and communications in business.
As digital and IT roles become more prevalent, the lines between them also seem to become more blurred. While it may not matter as much in the day-to-day workings in the field, it’s important for prospective employees or graduate students to have a clear picture of what skills are expected of them and which concentrations match their interests. This is especially true in reviewing the features of computing vs. computer science.
On December 9, 2021, cybersecurity and tech teams around the world went on red alert for an infected piece of the hugely popular logging tool, Apache Log4j. Used in everything from cloud storage to TVs, Log4j serves as the backbone for a majority of our devices and day-to-day processes. As word spread about the incident, governments and organizations scrambled to determine which of their systems were affected, how bad it truly was, and how quickly they could resolve it.
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