A Master’s in business management from Marquette

Step up to the challenge of organizational leadership and learn to effectively align the diverse personalities that make up every workplace.

The online Master in Management (MiM) from the Marquette University Graduate School of Management prepares you to navigate the essential human relationships, goals and desires that make or break an organization. Now offered 100 percent online, this master’s degree program is your opportunity to develop strategies for improving organizational processes, guiding people toward maximizing their potential, promoting diversity and inclusion within your company, and infusing your organization with a principled sense of purpose.

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Program details

  • 30 credit hours
  • 21 required credits, 9 elective credits
  • Complete in as little as two years
  • No on-campus requirements
    • Synchronous and asynchronous class meetings
  • GMAT/GRE waiver available
  • No work experience required
  • Three opportunities to start per year

The Marquette advantage for business management

A diverse skill set

Learn across boundaries with the holistic, interdisciplinary online MiM. Study human resource management, organizational development, analytics, change management and more.

Relevant across industries

Apply the mindset and processes you learn in the online MiM program to a management role in any company or industry. The human element is universal and key to success across the world of business.

Academic excellence

Learn from our outstanding business faculty of accomplished academics and successful, experienced professionals in the Graduate School of Management.

Step to the front.

Leadership is about much more than making strategic decisions that guide an organization’s direction. Leaders are those with their fingers on the pulse of the everyday rhythms and interactions that define “teamwork.” The online Master in Management prepares you to play this essential role in a company’s operations. You will learn to set a positive tone, manage morale, and keep everyone on your team focused on the task at hand and committed to the larger goals of the organization.

Practice your principles.

The Graduate School of Management at Marquette is committed to the ethos that the success of a company and its individual teams should not be measured solely in dollars and cents. A business cannot truly be called successful if it does not leave a positive impact on its community and the world at large.

Coursework in the online MiM program focuses your management training through a lens of ethics and corporate responsibility. You will graduate a principled leader fully prepared to do good business the right way.

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Keep your day job.

The online MiM program fits seamlessly into your life as a working professional.

You’ll complete coursework, track your grades, view lectures, submit assignments and participate in discussion through the intuitive learning management system Desire2Learn (D2L). At Marquette, we respect your time and your existing responsibilities, and we strive to ensure that whenever your schedule allows, your online MiM program will be ready for you.

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Priority application deadline
November 16
Spring 2022 term
Application deadline
January 4
Spring 2022 term
Next start
January 18
Spring 2022 term
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